You may have wondered where our name comes from. Well, we took inspiration from the area’s rich heritage and chose “The Vines” because Henderson is a place where history intertwines with a culturally rich community. It is steeped in grape vines, orchards, and market gardens and a vine symbolises connection, friendship, strength, and determination; qualities that form the core of our philosophy.

Embracing our roots: the room names

Taking a cue from our name, we also wanted the names of our rooms to be about growing great kids and to reflect the growth cycle of the grapevine. That is why we have given each of our six separate age-appropriate rooms a new name; one that shows the connection of our children to the natural world and their place within it.

Nursery Room – Seedlings / Kakano

This room is a haven for non-mobile children under 2 years old. We offer a flexible daily routine, accommodating individual needs, mealtimes, and sleep schedules.

Toddler 1 Room – Sprouts / Tipu

Designed for mobile children under 2 years old, this room encourages child-led exploration and free play. We also make time for quiet activities and accommodate early risers who wake from their lunchtime nap.

Toddler 2 Room – Shoots / Pihi

For our 2-year-olds, this room offers a structured daily routine. This includes morning tea, playtime, tidy-up time, kai time, washing-up time, mat time, and quiet activities for non-sleepers. We adapt our schedule to cater to individual needs.

Preschool 1 and 2 Rooms – Blooms / Puawai

These rooms cater to 3 to 4-year-olds, offering a more structured routine. Children enjoy free play, activities, tidy-up time, kai time, mat time, and quiet time. At the beginning and end of the day, they merge with children from the Preschool 3 room for free play and activities.

Preschool 3 Room – Grapes / Karepe

Designed for 4+-year-olds, this room focuses on our transition-to-school program, preparing children for the next step in their learning journey. The daily routine includes free play, table activities, tidy-up time, kai time, and quiet learning time.

Learning and growing at their own pace

At The Vines Early Learning Centre, we understand that children develop best in environments tailored to their specific needs and interests. Each room is equipped with resources and activities that cater to the age group it serves.

Our kaiako (teachers) are deeply committed to providing quality care to every child under their supervision. We take pride in growing great kids. We offer a nurturing environment where children can explore, learn, and grow at their own pace.

Our connection to the past, through Henderson’s rich history of grapes, orchards, and market garden, helps us to grow the future. The names of our rooms and the daily routines within them are reflections of this philosophy. Our role is to ensure that each child at The Vines in Henderson receives the best possible start in life.