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Vines Early Learning Centre – Our Childcare Menu Week By Week

At Vines Early Learning Centre in Henderson, our job is to nourish young minds and bodies. Your child’s health and happiness are at the heart of everything we do, and we firmly believe in the power of good food to fuel curious minds and active bodies.

This is why we place so much importance on providing tempting meals that satisfy young taste buds while providing your children with the best nourishment possible. So, check out our new carefully crafted weekly childcare menu, thoughtfully prepared by our talented in-house cook, Chenelle.

Delicious adventures await

Chenelle has been diligently working on crafting a weekly menu that ticks all the boxes. Her mission, so she tells us, is to make mealtime a joy-filled experience for all the Vines kids.

To do this, she researched and reviewed a huge array of dishes and then created a balanced childcare menu that offers a variety of flavours and textures to keep kai time at The Vines fun.

Feedback on food at the Vines

Chenelle believes that the key to crafting a menu that works well for everybody lies in understanding the preferences and tastes of our Vines families.

With this in mind, she reached out to parents through surveys and one-on-one chats to gather their feedback and incorporate their family favourites into our weekly menus.

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Expert input

Chenelle’s research included questions about those never-fail dishes that even the fussiest eaters gobble up, dietary restrictions, allergies, and preferred ingredients. She then tailored her weekly menus accordingly.

As this valuable feedback was an integral part of our menu planning, we like to look upon each meal we dish up at The Vines as a testament to the collaborative effort between our cook and the families we serve.

Our menu week by week

Week One:

Morning Tea: A delightful slice accompanied by a medley of fresh fruits.
Lunch: A choice between sliders or burger bowls: a treat for tiny fingers.
Afternoon Tea: Cookies and fruits: a delicious blend of sweetness and nutrition.
Morning Tea: Tropical bliss balls and fruit: juicy goodness to start the day.
Lunch: Savoury vegetable lasagna: a healthy twist on a classic favourite.
Afternoon Tea: Muffins and fruit: a tasty combination to energise little minds.
Morning Tea: Creamy yogurt paired with an assortment of fresh fruits.
Lunch: Tuna Pasta Bake: a much-loved comforting meal.
Afternoon Tea: Cookies and fruits: a treat to satisfy young cravings.
Morning Tea: Fruit loaf and fruit: a taste of homemade goodness.
Lunch: Cottage Pie: a hearty and wholesome dish.
Afternoon Tea: Slice and fruit: the perfect recharge snack.
Morning Tea: Muffins and fruit: a perfect way to end the week on a sweet note.
Lunch: Creamy chicken pasta: a bowl of warmth and happiness.
Afternoon Tea: Picking platter featuring a delightful assortment of fruits, crackers, cheese, and dip.

Week Two:

Morning Tea: Scrumptious muffins and a burst of fruity freshness.
Lunch: Sandwiches: perfect for little hands and big appetites.
Afternoon Tea: Cookies and fruit: a tasty, timeless combination.
Morning Tea: Cruskits with spreads and fruit: a healthy and delicious choice.
Lunch: Stir fry: packed with vibrant colours, textures and flavours.
Afternoon Tea: Black bean slice and fruit: a satisfying treat with hidden goodness.
Morning Tea: Freshly baked cookies and fruits.
Lunch: Creamy Mac ā€˜nā€™ cheese: a favourite among the young ones.
Afternoon Tea: Muffins and fruit: just the right blend of sweetness and nutrition.
Morning Tea: Fruit toast and fruit: a delightful twist on a classic.
Lunch: Spaghetti Bolognese: a timeless, if somewhat messy, classic.
Afternoon Tea: Spiced apple turnovers and fruit: a yummy combination of spices and sweetness.
Morning Tea: Pancakes: a fluffy treat.
Lunch: Pizza: loved by young and old alike.
Afternoon Tea: Another delightful picking platter featuring an assortment of fruits, crackers, cheese, and dip.

Meals to nourish, energise, and delight

Many of you shared your preferences and suggestions, guiding our menu selection. So, thank you. If you have any comments or compliments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

And thank you also for entrusting us with your little ones. We look forward to sharing delicious discoveries, loads of laughter, and fabulous food!

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